Town Stops Migrant Buses; CDC Activates Emergrency Center!

Sonora del Norte Press

Commentary by Bolivar Rojas—-

As you know the town of Murrieta block ICE buses trying to bring undocumented aliens and unattended migrant children to a shelter in their fine community.  The outrage and demonstration caused the buses to be detoured to San Diego so the migrants could be “processed” there instead.  The town is now bracing for revenge from the Federal Government over their actions.  Yes SERFS that IS the way Imperial America works now, apparently.  How dare you people defy the Lord of the Manor and his engineered plan!

El Bestia!  The Beast; aka the Death Trains El Bestia! The Beast; aka the Death Trains

Meanwhile, down in Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio says this crisis on the border was calculated by Obama to justify his executive orders (aka:  imperial edicts).  He says what we are seeing on the border is all part of the “game plan” by the Obama admin to create a crisis and then push…

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Over 1000 Children Dumped at Border this Weekend!

Disgusting beyond belief and all thanks to the USA government and their ignorance!!

Sonora del Norte Press

As posted yesterday there is now a growing humanitarian crisis along the US-Mexico border thanks to the US government and their completely STUPID policy on immigration, if they even have one that is!  Today comes several reports the 1000+ undocumented children NOT attended by any parent are being dumped at the Nogales, Arizona US Border Patrol complex.  One report says, “History is being made on the US-Mexico border.”  You bet it is as I suspect we are about to see a humanitarian crisis like never before.

Over 1000 unattended children are being brought to Arizona and California from Texas by ICE.  These children are laying on the floors of the USBP complex in Nogales wrapped in blankets waiting to be “processed.”  It’s one more crisis in the ongoing apparent policy to bus these children out of Texas and into other states for “processing.”  And after they are processed does ICE…

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Chiquita Banana Company Under Fire by Columbians

Here is a classic case of exploitation by the Corporatist of the poor. Things change BUT nothing changes!

Sonora del Norte Press


Chiquita Bananas is asking a US federal court to dismiss lawsuits filed by thousands of relatives of Colombians killed in a bloody civil war claiming that the cases do not belong in a US court and that US courts do not have any authority in such suits. Chiquita Brand International is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and they filed their request in the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals. Chiquita says any legal action by relative should be filed in Columbian courts not US courts. For decades Chiquita has operated large banana plantations in Columbia. The lawsuits allege that the company aided in the killings of Columbian workers by paying $1.7 million dollars to a right-wing paramilitary group labeled as terrorist organization by US officials. Yet, Chiquita says it only paid the money to the terrorist group because the group made threats against the company. The right-wing group…

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Two Great Men Lost in One Day

The world is sometimes a very sad place and yesterday was very sad as two noted Hispanics of accomplishment were lost. Noted author and Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez was one of those lost yesterday. A fried of former US President Bill Clinton, “Gabo” was 87 years old. He died in Mexico City where he lived after being hospitalized for pneumonia. However, El Universal newspaper in Mexico said he died after suffering a relapse of lymphatic cancer which he suffered from in 1999. Garcia Marquez was one of the most noted Hispanic writers in the world. His masterpiece was entitled “One Hundred Years of Solitude” which sold nearly 50 million copies and was translated into 40 languages. He was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1982 for his novels that sold more than any other in Spanish except for the Bible. His writings mixed reality and fantasy such as one novel about a boy born with a pig’s tail.

Originally from Columbia, Garcia Marquez was an inspiration for many and President Bill Clinton said he read the author’s masterpiece while in law school and could not put it down not even in class. He was considered the most popular Spanish writer since Miguel de Cervantes who wrote during the 17th Century. Garcia Marquez has been compared to Mark Twain and Charles Dickens by many.

The other noted Hispanic to die yesterday was Cheo Feliciano who lost his life in a fatal car crash in Puerto Rico. Reports indicate that Cheo died from a head injury suffered in the crash at around 4:15 A M in San Juan near the university when he lost control of his car and hit a light pole as he was turning a corner. His full name was Jose Luis Feliciano Vega and he was a noted salsa and bolero singer and pioneer. He was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash according to reports from the police. Cheo had many hit songs during his career and he received numerous awards including being featured on the cover of the Daily News of New York.

Both Garcia Marquez and Feliciano were Hispanic men who had achieved success in life but they did more than that. Both of these men provided inspiration for Hispanic youth to follow in their footsteps of success. Both will be greatly missed for their words, talent, and examples.

Descansa en paz mi amigos



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America is in Danger from BOTH the Left AND the Right

The Southern Poverty Law Center says that there are 939 hate groups in the US today. That is almost a 60% increase from 2000. There is a map at the link below giving the number of known hate groups in each state.

I was surprised to discover that in my state there are 20 known hate groups. Some of these groups are radical leftists while others are radical ultra-right wing hate groups. Both are dangerous in my opinion.

I hear a lot of people talking about leftists groups and what dangers they pose to our country and society but I seldom hear people say the same about ultra-right-wing hate groups. I believe they pose just as much of a danger as the leftist hate groups. Radicalism is radicalism and be they on the left or right radical views are extremist views with little to no room for rationale or logic. Anyone who deviates from the “party line” is immediately deemed a traitor and ostracized one way or the other. These groups be they on the left or right advocate the overthrow of our government and/or armed civil unrest and revolution. The leftists would love to see our nation become a Communist State of tyranny. Those on the ultra-right would love to see our nation be “restored” although their idea of restoration is not my idea. Sorry but right wing tyranny is NOT what our nation was founded upon. In fact, some of those people on the ultra-right would like to see our nation become a sort of theocracy just like we see in radical Iran with the only difference being we’d be a Christian theocracy whereas Iran is an Islamic theocracy. And what comes next? Leviticus law? Can’t help but notice in the biblical book of Leviticus every “crime” is punishable by death. Sorry but that’s not something I’d prefer to live under just as I would not prefer to live under radical Islam and the crazed Ayatollahs. Continue reading

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Believe It Or Not, There’s No Constitutional Right To Vote!

The Georgia Yankee

Here in the United States, we point with pride to our Constitution as one of the most remarkable charters of government in the history of humanity. Indeed, the Framers devised an ingenious system of self-government that incorporates democratic ideals into a republican structure, guaranteeing the rights of the minority while simultaneously guaranteeing the rights of all from the appetite of a voracious government.

The Framers’ Fear of the People

The Framers, though, feared the ability of demagogues to sway public opinion to radical points of view. For that reason, the only popular election provided in the Constitution was for US Representatives, and that right was extended to those who were granted the right, by their States, to vote for the lower house of the state’s legislature. Senators were to be appointed by the States’ legislatures, and the President was to be selected by the Electoral College, in which each State…

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Fires Burn Out of Control in Chili

The death toll from the forest fires in Chili has risen to 12 people and at least 2000 homes have now been burned to the ground. Si you read that correct. Two Thousand homes! The fires have reached the urban area of the town of Valparaiso and is still buring out of control. Over 10,000 people have been evacuated including a prison for women in the area. Hot dry winds are fanning the embes and flames and even some of the fires that authorities earlier claimed were contained raged out of control again.

The fire began last Saturday afternoon in a ravine covered with thick forest. Squallid housing was near by and the fire reached those homes and grew immediately. Hot ashes rained down onto the roofs of wooden houses and on the narrow streets of Valparaiso. The town does not have a community water system. Six neighborhoods were reduced to ashes on top of hills surrounding the town. The fire also burned atop a hill not far from Chili’s parliament building. Chili’s el Presidente Michelle Bachelet deployed 20 helicopters and aircraft to drop water on hotspots. Interior Minister Rodrigo Penailillo warned that the death toll could rise sharply once the fire cooled and officials could get into the many burned neighborhoods. In addition to the dead and missing at least 500 people have been treated in area hospitals for smoke inhalation and other related issues.

The town is a picturesque community by the sea with a population of 250,000. This is the worst fire since 1953 for the community. Chili’s military has been put in charge of maintaining civil order. Valparaiso has a beautiful port and is home to Chili’s parliament. It is surrounded by several hills and some neighborhoods huge the hills so steep that people reach their homes only by cable cars or stairways. Mayor Jorge Castro told reporters that the people of the town are partly to blame for the raging fire and damage. He said, “We are too vulnerable as a city. We have been the builders and architects of our own danger.” He was referring to the many homes of the poor that have been built without power or proper water or natural gas and the narrow streets. Most of the homes are built from wood as well.

Yet, even in the upper class neighborhoods below the hills water was in short supply and a water emergency was declared which cut off supplies to some in the community. Residents say that everything is burning and thick clouds of smoke fill the skies.

The poor are losing everything as they are the people who primarily live atop the hills above the city. Most of their homes were little more than patched together shacks. Their dry wood construction has made them a tinderbox for the fire which is buring atop the hills and has not yet reached the more affluent part of the city below.

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