Flight 370: Where in the Hell is the Proof? And 23K under the water?

It now appears that authorities in Malaysia have pretty much written off Flight 370 and any survivors claiming it crashed into the Indian Ocean and is 23K ft under water. But where is the proof? Where is any of the debris? After 2 weeks of searching, handing out information slowly, chasing many false conclusions, there is still nothing in the way of evidence. Satellites have picked up several images and when ships or planes have gone to search for debris nothing has been found.

Something is not right in this entire tale. How does a 777 jetliner just disappear? It’s not really something you can lose after all. Yet that is what they would have us believe. That it just vanished. I must admit the conspiracy theories are soundly more likely and reasonable than what the Malaysian government is putting out. Time vortex? Encounter with a UFO and subsequent destruction? Sitting on a runway in Pakistan or Diego Garcia? Here’s one that is rather interesting:: Mistakenly shot down and then covered up. That’s plausible. Did someone shoot the plane down by mistake and now they are trying to cover it up? There are a lot of trigger happy military people out there so this one wouldn’t surprise me at all. And why would Malaysia not tell us this if this is what happened? The answer is simple. They don’t want to be taken to war OR their own forces shot it down by mistake.

If the plane did crash into the ocean then when it hit the water some of it had to have broken apart. Hitting water from high-speed or altitude is like hitting a brick wall. There should be some small debris if nothing else. So where is it? And how do they know it’s at the bottom of the water 23K feet below?

Most likely we will never know the truth about what happened to this flight. One thing we do know is this. Something odd happened to Flight 370 and whatever it was is now covered up and nicely swept under that rather dirty old carpet. No government on this planet is trustworthy. The all lie and some of them tell bigger lies than others. I’ll wait to see some evidence before I believe that it crashed and is 23K feet under water. And….I’m still waiting……………….

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One Response to Flight 370: Where in the Hell is the Proof? And 23K under the water?

  1. ******************UPDATE****************
    Searchers finally got to the place where they thought satellites have spotted debris a thousand miles off the southwest coast of Australia. And NOTHING THERE! What at first they thought was a large piece of wreckage turned out to be something used for fishing the oceans. So where the hell is this plane without even one small piece of debris? UFO? TIME VORTEX? HIGHJACKED to Pakistan? Those possibilities are becoming more reasonable suddenly.

    For the latest update go to:

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